Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme by the European Union

Erasmus Plus Mobility for Education Staff In-Training: European Intercultural Stimulation - to become a diplomat between the cultures.

Comparative Research Network is an experienced organiser of “train the trainer” courses. Our training series during the 2011-2014 period consisted of nine Grundtvig In-Training sessions and we are now preparing new sessions within the framework of the Erasmus Plus mobility programme for adult education. More than 130 trainees have passed our courses which were chosen as an example of good practice by the Polish National Agency.

The course uses Berlin as a stage where intercultural communication and cultural diplomacy can presented, compared and discussed. We will also engage in skill-building and developing methods of intercultural training and digital storytelling.
Participants will receive a set of methods in order to perform intercultural trainings and which will stimulate greater intercultural competence. We will provide access to the network of former participants in order to develop future projects and training methods suited to the needs of your organisation. The participants will also learn how to use digital tools as a part of training. They will receive tools to transfer this knowledge back to their home organisations.

We offer:

  • Training of intercultural competences
  • Training how to train intercultural skills
  • Methods handbook on intercultural trainingsTraining on digital storytelling in context of the training
  • Support and digital cookbook on film- and video making for work in intercultural organisations
  • Access to an expanding network of professionals in European
  • Project Management, Intercultural Training and Digital Storytelling of professionals in European Project Management

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