Cyprus: on the Green Line

What we do

CRN is actively involved in scientific research, teaching and cultural activities that link the realm of ideas with everyday experience. As our name indicates, we work internationally and cross-culturally. Only through thoughtful comparison can we interpret our local reality, render it more comprehensible and develop strategies to address the issues that affect our everyday lives. CRN performs research both as a partner within international consortia as within the scope of its own projects. CRN publishes a working paper series that communicates the work of its members to a wider audience.

Our projects

Border US / Mexico

CRN investigates among other things:

  1. The changing significance of national borders within the context of European integration and global change
  2. Post-Social transformation and its implications for urban and regional development in Central and Eastern Europe
  3. The emerging geopolitics of the European Union
  4. Cultural dimensions of urban change 



Our philosophy

CRN believes in the power of context-sensitive research and is open to different theoretical and methodological approaches that promote meaningful comparative work. CRN also supports artistic endeavour that forges links between ‘science’, social issues and society.